Next Generation

Insurance Technology

Beyond.Insure aims to transform the insurance experience for SME’s, insurers, brokers and agents by reducing costs through a digital distribution platform


Join our insurance network and take advantage of our technology and distribute your products to European SME’s.


Take our assessment and get a clear picture of the risks you’re facing. Then get the most suitable insurance for you.

Service Providers

If you have data or services that might be useful you can integrate and sell them in our API driven ecosystem.

Digital Distribution

Beyond.Insure offers a digital distribution platform for insurers, brokers, agents and service providers who all come together to deliver a new insurance experience to SME’s across Europe.


  • Create a rating model to provide online quotes.
  • Automatically generate documents based on templates.
  • Interact with your distribution partners in a streamlined and automated way.


We combine AI, distributed ledger technology and modern web UI’s with data to provide you with an ecosystem of services.


  • Enrich the record of the insured with company financials, geolocation and area data as well as information about the company structure and directors.
  • Quickly generate a score card for a company. With vast amounts of data, it is sometimes hard to effectively evaluate a business.
  • Automatically identify leads. Using data analytics we can source the right type of companies for your risk appetite.

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