A digital distribution solution for brokers, agents and insurers.

We offer you a digital distribution platform where you can distribute your products in a simple yet effective way. We combine modern technologies to give you an advantage, without the need of a heavy investment in building your own platform.


Our product platform allows you to define and manage your products in our custom product repository.

Pricing model. Build your pricing model in a few simple steps by specifying the factors and ratings selecting from a library of readymade questions or specify your own. You can also integrate your own pricing services with our API.

Document templates. Generate your policy documents automatically by creating templates with your own branding and design.

Marketing. Present your product with a custom tagline and description. Target it to the right geographical region and industry.

Audit. Track all the changes to your products and who performed them. Easily retrieve a previous version you might need.


Manage the process straight through quoting, binding, claims and payment. We provide access throughout the process so you can choose which areas you might want to bring in-house.

Quoting. Provide fast, online quoting for your product based on your pricing model, or forward for manual quoting for outliers.

Payment. Utilise our payment infrastructure for streamlined premium payments.

Transaction Support. Full visibility of every step of the insurance lifecycle. Adjustments, cancellations or payments are all captured as transactions visible to anyone who has access.